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Who are they?

Pink and Queen are prominent figures in the Real Estate industry with over 20 years of combined experience. As property investors themselves, they have a keen eye for numbers and have helped many families fulfil their dreams of owning private properties for own stay and investment.

Over the years, they have built a successful track record in assisting many families in their Real Estate journey. They are proficient in social media marketing and are able to use their platform to create the right exposure and content for your property.

“Transforming lives through Real Estate”

They strongly believe Real Estate is the way to build wealth and secure a comfortable retirement. With their familiarity with market trends and industry knowledge, they want to help more like-minded people in their property portfolio.

If you are looking for a competent team to assist you to grow your wealth, do reach out to Pink and Queen.



If your property has not appreciated much over the last few years, it’s time to consider switching to a better performing asset.


Here’s what we will share with you during our meet up:

A comprehensive analysis on your financial status

This is an essential step to check in on your finances before we explore the options available for you

How to select the "right" property

We will share our uncompromising set of criteria to ensure a safe purchase 

How you can start

We will share with you the steps needed to go about owning your asset for upgrading/investment

A fool proof plan to ensure that your risks are low

 You do not have to worry even during times of recession and unemployment as we apply the “safety net” principle

Market updates

Stay current on the market situation as we share our research and analysis

The best time to grow your net worth is TODAY.  

Arrange to meet up and we’ll share this and more!

Here’s what some of of our clients have to say:

Tan Chin Sing

“The property journey with the SIESTER was fun, enjoyable and fruitful.”

Our property journey with Pink and Queen SIESTERS started back at October 2019. We met the SIESTERS 4 months after we failed the first attempt to sell our flat as we are looking to upgrade to a private property. The first attempt was a poor experience with another agent who did not do much to help us in the selling process. This resulted in low level of trust and confidence towards engaging an agent to help us with the deal. During our first meeting with the SIESTERS, we are delighted with their approach on how they intend to help us. What impressed us were also their fast and effective marketing strategy that were done professionally. From time to time they work closely with us and provide advisory to improve the rate of viewing for our flat. Alongside helping us with the shortlisting and scheduling for viewing of ideal private properties that suit our requirements. As we walk along the property journey with the SIESTERS, the trust and confidence starts to come back and we have 101% confidence that we got the right partners and we can sell out flat and able to purchase our desire private property. The good news for selling our flat and getting our private property came just less than 3 months since our first meeting with the SIESTERS, which is a remarkable achievement. The property journey with the SIESTER was fun, enjoyable and fruitful. We will definitely engage the SIESTERS in future and also recommend them to our family members, friends and people who we know.

Jason Ng

“They never leave the owners in the lurch.”

I was posted overseas for the last one year, it was challenging to find a agent that I trust, but on top of that I had to find a agent that was understanding that my wife likes, since she is dealing with all the matters. After tons of video conferencing and phone call, we did not just had one agent, but two agents that fit the bill - Pink and Queen. The selling of my old house and purchase of my new house were all done via online and also the short 1 month duration that I was back in Singapore. They were accommodative, clear in their instructions, fast to action and most importantly they never leave the owners in the lurch. If I am able to complete all the complicated transactions, just via phone call and web conference; just imagine how well it would have worked if it was in person. They have also showed a lot of empathy in the process by taking late night calls due to time difference, help my wife to prepare the house, take ownership with house viewing without troubling my wife. So glad I met them, made two new friends before the year and best part of all, a real consultant where I can always go back from advice. Thank you Pink and Queen! I am one happy husband, father and house owner in this whole process!

Jun Soh

“Once again proven that they are among the very best in the business.”

Hi All, I would like to take this opportunity during this festive season to express my deepest appreciation for Pink and Queen after our interaction over the last couple of months. Prior to engaging the services of the sisters, I have seen their fb posts and have been looking forward to going through the plausibly exhausting process of selling our unit - with the help of Pink & Queen. I have been very positive and confident from the start, and true enough they have not disappoint after witnessing first hand. Professional - From the first moment we met Pink and Queen, they have conduct themselves with ultimate professionalism. All appointments were properly planned and scheduled, with prompt follow-ups and replies as soon as any information becomes available. They are always contactable when we reach out to them on any queries we might have. Network - I have never doubted nor regretted the decision to award Queen to be our exclusive representative. As the sisters often cover the schedule of one another, the timing becomes really flexible and indirectly, the owner/principal would gain from the wider network of both outstanding agents. Publicity - the use of social media apart from the ads on sites such as propertyguru would also ensure maximum exposure for owners looking to sell their unit. Professional photography services included also mean that the unit is captured in its best possible shape - which definitely helps to stand out from the many other listings cluttered online. In conclusion, the sisters have taken up this appointment as a challenge and they have once again proven that they are among the very best in the business. I look forward to recommending their services not just to my friends and family, but also any potential clients whom are looking for the best representatives in the market.

Valda & Tominic

“Did an excellent job in finding us a buyer.”

Dear Pink and Queen, Your work is beyond words can express with just a mere "thank you". You, sisters took over our property for sales from a prominent agent. Despite the Covid situation, you did an excellent job in finding us a buyer. You also followed through in finding us a beautiful property and made sure we got it on our first viewing at a good deal. Moreover, your advice on how to manage the finances and assisting with narrowing down the detail to the bank loans was truly god sent. You beautiful sisters had gone all the way to achieve what we were dreaming of. To all potential sellers and buyers, do not hesitate to contact these sisters if you are looking for sincere, dedicated, patient and smart working property agents. Thank you.

Celin Foo

“Able to sell our flat within a short time frame during the circuit breaker period.”

We are very pleased that we are able to sell our flat within a short time frame during the circuit breaker period. Pink has made our property journey a pleasant one. She is very efficient and has been very patient with us during the process. With her help and expertise my husband and I were able to take the bold step to upgrade to a private property.

Cindy Kiang

“The whole process of selling and buying was seamless and stress-free”

Pink and Queen are a pair of awesome sisters who will always listen patiently and carefully to your needs. Which after they do a very beautiful home tour to market our home on social media to get the maximum exposure which eventually leads our home to be sold at a remarkable timing within 21 days. They will constantly keep us updated and at the same time bring us to viewing for the search for our new home. During our viewing, they offered to babysit or look after our 2 boys for us until our boys are very close to them too. The whole process of selling and buying was seamless and stress-free as the ladies fought very hard and with us at every single step. I definitely highly recommend to anybody who is looking for real estate needs! A decision you won't regret!

Giana Sharma

“More importantly, we knew that we were in safe hands”

When my husband and I finally decided to sell our HDB, we were hard-pressed to find the right property agent to serve us as we had to worry about the ethnic integration quota restrictions. With their powers combined, the Sie sisters are intelligent, charismatic and results-driven; more importantly, we knew that we were in safe hands. They found the perfect couple for our beloved home and now we look forward to moving into our freehold condo soon. Thank you Pink and Queen for your professionalism and passion for real estate. Highly recommend them!

Koh Siew Ying

“The sisters listen, engage, communicate, are client motivated and comprehend our time frame”

We had entrusted Pink and Queen on the journey of selling our first matrimonial home to the purchase of our second home. Throughout the journey, their professionalism and efficiency were outstanding. Thus we were able to sell our aging HDB unit within a month of being listed in the market. Coupled with Pink being proactive during the period of looking for our second home, it leads to us being able to find our ideal new pad successfully. The sisters listen, engage, communicate, are client motivated and comprehend our time frame. These essential traits distinguish them apart from other agents whom we have met. They are down to earth and non-pretentious, which makes it very easy to connect with them. Even my little ones are drawn to them especially my little girl. Maybe when they are ready to purchase their first home in the future, they are still able to engage Pink and Queen. We highly recommend Pink and Queen and wish them every success in their work. May you succeed in making all your heartfelt dreams into reality.


“They made the impossible possible
and helped in so many
ways, especially with
the financial analysis.”

–– Mr and Mrs Teo.